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As of FY 22, THRC proposals generated over $12 million dollars in new interdisciplinary research funding for TXST

Translational health research seeks to accelerate the transfer of new knowledge and discoveries to address medical needs and improve health outcomes. Texas State's Translational Health Research Center (THRC) supports cutting-edge research teams and partnerships with industry, working together to improve physical, mental, community, and public health.                

THRC began as the Translational Health Research Initiative (THRI) in 2016. THRI facilitated innovative new health research and sponsored programs that crossed department and disciplinary boundaries.

THRI’s successful proof of concept and selection as an original “Big Idea” led it to be elevated to a university-level research center in 2020.

In its inaugural year, THRC was awarded two grants that helped launch its programs and activities. In 2021, another successful funding proposal helped expand THRC’s core mission to include a Community Health and Economic Resilience Research (CHERR) Center of Excellence.

TXST faculty, staff, and students in every college take part in translational health research seeking new ways to prevent and treat disease and illness, develop resilient communities equipped to respond to public health emergencies, deliver high quality healthcare, and address social and economic health inequities that lead to poor health among those in rural and underserved communities.     

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