Translational Health Research Center

NIH All of Us Research Hub Now Available

THRC is the official TXST hub for the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program – one of the largest biomedical data resources of its kind. The All of Us Research Hub provides researchers access to health data from a diverse group of participants from across the United States. Learn how to participate in the program or access their resources on our All of Us page

Fostering healthy and resilient people and places

Translational Health Research Center (THRC) conducts innovative research with campus and community partners, and we share promising practices from our research directly with the public.

What we do

Each of our activities is guided by our mission to lead research and grants improving health outcomes and providing innovative solutions to common health challenges. We also offer technical assistance, host events, and forge novel research partnerships.



THRC is Attending UIDP in San Antonio to Build Strategic University-Industry Partnerships

May 7-9, 2024     
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Texas Community Health News
April 26, 2024     
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Cannabis Legalization Has Led to a Boom in Potent Forms of the Drug that Present New Hazards for Adolescents

The Conversation
April 22, 2024     
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