Health + Resilience Research Faculty Fellows

THRC Faculty Fellow Program

Our Faculty Fellows Program supports an interdisciplinary cohort of Texas State faculty whose research informs our understanding of community health and economic resilience in Texas. The Faculty Fellow Program offers researchers from diverse disciplines the opportunity to contribute to an emerging body of knowledge that situates health, economic health, and resilience as core features of healthy communities.

THRC Faculty Fellow Program is central to our strategic initiative for Community Health and Economic Resilience Research, which extends our applied health research mission. By addressing key issues affecting a community‚Äôs 1) people, 2) economy, 3) infrastructure, 4) and environment, and by leveraging the power of 5) technology to tackle these issues, our Faculty Fellows Program creates new knowledge and identifies best practices to help Texas communities prepare, adapt, and recover from public health emergencies and natural disasters while increasing their overall health and resilience.

Invitation to Collaborate

Partnering with THRC provides researchers support and tools to conduct investigator-initiated research, amplify their research agenda, and work with a team dedicated to translating, promoting, and disseminating their work to the communities that need it.
Group photo of 2023-2024 Faculty Fellows

2023-2024 Faculty Fellows

View our current Faculty Fellows of TXST scholars studying Texas resilience from every angle.

2022-2023 Faculty Fellows

View our former Faculty Fellows of TXST scholars who worked to make an impact in your community.