Become a THRC Faculty Fellow

Eligibility and Requirements

We seek out high-potential, high-achieving researchers with established research programs and expertise that demonstrates an obvious link to health and resilience. Researchers who participate in the THRC Faculty Fellows Program must have a desire to translate their research through both public dissemination and external funding. Faculty Fellows must commit to participate in at least one dissemination and/or implementation activity, developed in collaboration with THRC, and submit at least one grant proposal during their fellowship period. 

Full professors who have experience with funded research are asked to act as mentors and share their experiences with their cohort and the broader TXST community through activities coordinated by THRC.

 Faculty must meet the following criteria:

  • 1. Pursue a research program relating to resilience with clear opportunities for public translation.
  • 2. Be willing and eager to extend their research program through dissemination and/or implementation activities.
  • 3. Express interest in pursuing external funding for their research program.
  • 4. Develop a positive relationship with THRC through participation in THRC-sponsored events and other collaborative opportunities.

How Your Application is Considered

The Faculty Fellows Program considers researchers at all stages of their career but focuses primarily on early-stage investigators who are assistant or associate professors. Full professors who have experience with funded research are also considered if their participation in the Program will support their transition to a new stage of scholarship, funding, and public dissemination and/or implementation.

Table 1: Career stage/fellowship considerations for Junior and Senior Faculty

Junior FacultySenior Faculty
Building their research program with implications for resilience Leading an established research program with implications for resilience
Developing their research profilePromoting their research profile
Learning skills to secure external funding for researchTransitioning to new programs or activities involving external funding
Considering public facing dissemination / implementation activitiesConsidering public facing dissemination / implementation activities

Researchers are selected through a multi-step recruitment and application process. First, potential faculty fellows are identified through participation in THRC’s Health Scholar Showcase (HSS). This annual event showcases the work of TXST faculty through poster presentations and networking opportunities. The posters shared at the HSS act as a preliminary “proposal” to the Program. Faculty who are interested in the Faculty Fellows Program are strongly encouraged to participate THRC’s Health+Resilience Research Network meetings as well, which occur 2-4 times per year, and other interdisciplinary networking events.

Final Steps

Once identified as a potential fellow, THRC will work with the faculty researcher to develop a logic model, complete a formal proposal, and draft a budget for their proposed project. The Faculty Fellows Program director will advise on potential dissemination and/or implementation activities, funding opportunities, and ways to amplify the project’s impact and success. Fellowships run for a maximum of one calendar year. Faculty Fellows receive ongoing support and consultation from the program director throughout the fellowship period to ensure the success of their program, individual research development, and delivery of project outcomes as proposed.